What Is The LG IMS App & Why Does It Keep Stopping?

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Have an LG smartphone approximately T-Mobile? You’ve probably been hit behind the ‘LG IMS keeps stopping‘ bug. LG is au fait of the difficulty and functional on a repair.

What Is The LG IMS App & Why Does It Keep Stopping?

There are yet large sum of people using LG smartphones, and unfortunately for them, an situation behind the LG IMS app is resulting in many unwanted headaches. For years and years, LG was seen as one of the biggest contenders in the Android smartphone world. Thanks to standout hits gone the LG G3, LG V10, LG Velvet, and Nexus 5, LG smartphones used to be together in the midst of the best vis–vis the puff.

But the key phrase there is ‘used to.’ On April 4, 2021, LG announced that it was formally ending its smartphone matter. The news had been a long become primordial coming, but it was yet monumental seeing one of the biggest Android manufacturers throwing its cap in the ground. While LG hasn’t released a adjunct smartphone back later, the company has continued to update and maintenance all of its existing devices.

That ongoing maintain is a pleasant shape, as many LG smartphone owners are reporting a substitute bug that’s popped taking place. On Sunday, May 22, Reddit enthusiast u/ZXG posted the taking into account in the r/TMobile subreddit, “Any LG users wake occurring to a flashing phone today? ‘LG IMS has stopped’ pops taking place all second, seems to be only to T-Mobile’s network.” The totaling now has more than 340 upvotes and numerous explanation from supplementary LG smartphone owners reporting linked out cold.

Why LG IMS Keeps Stopping

The ‘LG IMS’ app is a system framework built into all LG smartphone that allows them to create calls and send/realize text messages greater than 4G LTE and 5G networks. In subsidiary words, it’s necessary for ordinary use. While LG IMS is supposed to run in the background without any hiccups, this toting going on bug taking into account LG IMS is preventing that from occurring. Reading through fanatic complaints, LG phones repeatedly profit an error notice motto ‘LG IMS has stopped.’ Tapping ‘Close app’ dismisses the pop-going on, but single-handedly for it to reappear all few seconds effectively rendering affected LG phones unusable. The issue appears to be limited to LG phones going around for T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile, considering LG phones upon new carriers seemingly unaffected.

Thankfully, there is some to your liking news. Per a Tweet from the T-Mobile Help account, “LG is functional upon a conclusive to resolve this concern ASAP.” It’s nebulous once that unbending idea will be light for users, but LG is going on to date of what’s occurring and actively developing a repair.

In the meantime, some users are reporting a potential repair that temporarily stops the LG IMS error from popping going on. On your LG phone, incline upon Airplane Mode from the Settings app or Quick Settings panel. Once enabled, mount occurring the Settings app, tap ‘Apps & Notifications,’ tap ‘App info,’ tap the three dots in the depth right corner, tap ‘Show system,’ and tap ‘com.lge.ims.rcsprovider.’ Next, tap ‘Clear cache,’ ‘Clear storage,’ and ‘Force decrease’ in that fiddle following order. You may obsession to press the last three buttons a few grow antique for it to operate, but this should silent the ‘LG IMS preserve stopping’ notice though waiting upon LG to roll out a surviving stick.