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With an Amazon Firestick, you can enjoy endless streaming by connecting it to your Smart TV. But, if you have recently purchased a Firestick, you must set it up first to access the contents. You might also have to setup again if you have performed a factory reset on your Fire TV Stick.

With just a few things like secured Wi-Fi and an amazon account, you can set up Firestick in a snap. In this article, we have compiled detailed steps on how to do it.

How to Set Up Firestick?

The steps for setting up a new Firestick and an old Firestick reset to factory defaults are the same. However, Firestick will ask you to Restore the Fire TV during the setup for an old one.

Before You Begin, you need the following things for setup:

  • A Smart TV: Ensure you have a smart TV with HDMI Port. For 4K Fire TV Sticks, your TV must support HD.
  • Setup Firestick Remote: On the back of the remote, find a little circle and slide it upwards for the battery compartment. You can insert the amazon batteries that came along with your purchase. Or, insert a pair of working AAA batteries on your Firestick remote. You must ensure to place the batteries correctly.
  • Setup HDMI Extender: An HDMI extender for Firestick comes along during the purchase. So, in case your Smart TV is in a place where you can’t connect your Firestick directly, you can use the extender. Plug your Firestick device into the one end of the HDMI extender.
  • Amazon Account: You must have an Amazon account as you will be prompted to sign in to your Fire TV stick. In case you don’t have an account yet, you can create one.
  • Wi-Fi: To continue during the initial setup, you must connect your Firestick to a stable internet connection. So, make sure your Wi-Fi signal is strong. For increased connectivity, you can place both devices as close as possible. Also, make sure you enter the right password during the Wi-Fi setup.

Check out the steps below to setup the Firestick.

  1. Firstly, plug a Micro USB cable into your Firestick. Then, plug in another end of the USB Cable to the wall power adapter that comes along with the box. Connect the adapter to a Power socket.
  2. Now, connect another end of the HDMI extension cable to the TV’s HDMI port. Then, turn on your Smart TV. Once you choose the right HDMI input, you will see “Searching for remotes” on your TV screen. 
  3. Once it detects a remote, you need to press Play button to continue. In case you are still on “Searching for the remotes” screen, you can press Home button. You can release it when you see Press Play to start.
  4. On Choose Your Language, choose your preferred language by clicking on the center of the directional pad of your remote.
  5. Now, on Connect to your network screen, click on your Wi-Fi network
  6. Type your Wi-Fi password on the pop-up box and choose Connect 
  7. Your Fire TV will check and install the Latest updates. (During the software installation, refrain from unplugging your Firestick or turning off your TV)
  8. You need to either sign in to your Amazon account or Create an account to continue. So, click on your preferred menu. When you choose, Have an account Sign In, you can enter the Amazon credentials and continue.
  9. If you choose, New to Amazon? Create an Account, follow the prompted process to create. 
  10. Now, on Save Wi-Fi passwords screen, choose either Yes or No 
  11. Again, on Parental Controls, select your option
  12. Now, from the lists of TV, choose your TV brand
  13. Follow the on-screen process to set up remote
  14. When you continue, you will be on the Home Screenfire-tv-home-screen-1-9110524

How to Set up Fire TV on Smart TV? 

While setting up your Fire TV Smart TV, you must consider a few things first. For Instance, secure Wi-Fi, an Amazon Account, and batteries for the remote. You must set up your Fire TV remote by inserting batteries.

Then, you can follow the given steps to set up your Fire TV.

  1. Firstly, plug the Power cord of your Fire TV into the wall outlet
  2. Then, using your Fire TV remote, Turn on the TV (If your remote does not turn on the TV, you can press the Home button on your remote to pair it with your TV)fire-tv-stick-remote-home-button-5409815
  3. On Language screen, choose your Preferred language
  4. You will be on the Network screen. Click on your Wi-Fi connection and enter password on the box. Then, choose Connect
  5. Now, your Fire TV will install updates and restart.
  6. Fire TV will prompt you to sign in to your Amazon Account. You can choose Sign In or Create an account from the option. If you don’t have an account, you can follow the on-screen process to create it. Similarly, for users having an amazon account, you can enter your account credentials and login.
  7. Once the Fire TV registers your Amazon account, click on Continue
  8. On Save Wi-Fi passwords, select Yes or No as per your preference
  9. Now, your Fire TV will ask if you want to Enable parental controls for your device. Choose your option and Continueparental-control-on-firestick-1-7457710
  10. Choose Streaming services or skip the process by selecting No Thanks optionchoose-streaming-services-on-fire-tv-8730308
  11. You can follow the on-screen instructions to set up.

How to Set Up Fire TV Cube?

You must keep it 1 – 2ft far from speakers while setting up Fire TV cubes. Moreover, similar to the Firestick, you just need a few things for a setup, such as a Smart TV, Wi-Fi, HDMI extender, etc. You can check out the before you begin section mentioned above. 

Here are the steps to set up a Fire TV cube. 

  1. On the back of your Fire TV cube, locate the Power port and plug in the Power cablefire-tv-cube-7922032
  2. Then, on the HDMI port, plug in the HDMI cable
  3. Now, plug the Power adapter into the wall socket. Plug another end of the HDMI cable into the TV’s HDMI port
  4. Turn on your Smart TV and change the HDMI input.
  5. Your Fire TV device starts looking for an available remote. If the screen displays press the Play button, and you can hit Play on your remote to continue. fire-tv-stick-remote-play-button-9521386
  6. However, your remote hasn’t paired yet if you do not see the Press Play button message. In such a case, you can press the Home button on your remote until you see the
  7. Now, you can see the Language screen. From the lists, click on your Language 
  8. On Sign in with your Amazon Account, You can either create an Amazon account or log in to your existing one to continue. 
  9. You will be on Parental Controls screen. Here you can Enable Parental Controls  or choose No Parental Controls*.
  10. To select your streaming service, click on Get Started. However, if you want to skip it, you can select No Thanks option. 
  11. Fire TV Cube will ask if you wish to enable Alexa. Again, depending upon your preference, select your option. enable-alexa-on-fire-tv-cube-4990141
  12. Now, you need to Setup soundbar on your TV. Click on the Soundbar option, you are using and follow the on-screen process to continue. setup-soundbar-on-fire-tv-cube-5148717
  13. After setting up the soundbar, you will be on the Fire TV Home screen

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