What is the LG IMS app and why does it keep stopping?

What is the LG IMS app and why does it keep stopping 2022?

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T-Mobile has an LG smartphone. The ‘LG IMS keeps crashing‘ bug is likely to have affected you. LG is working to fix the problem.

What is the LG IMS app and why does it keep stopping?

Many people still use LG smartphones. Unfortunately, an issue with LG IMS is causing many headaches. LG has been a major player in the Android smartphone market for years. The LG G3, LG V10 and LG Velvet were standouts, while the Nexus 5 was a top-selling smartphone.

The key phrase is “used to.” LG officially announced it was ending its smartphone business on April 4, 2021. Although the announcement was not immediate, it was nonetheless significant to see one of the largest Android manufacturers throw its hat into the ring. Although LG has not released a new smartphone in the past few years, it has maintained its support for all its devices and continues to update them.

This is a great thing as many LG smartphone owners have reported a bug. Reddit user U/ZXG posted this message in the r/TMobile Subreddit on Sunday, May 22: “Any LG owners wake up to a damaged phone today?” The message “LG IMS has stopped” pops up every second and seems to be limited to T-Mobile’s network. This post has received over 340 votes and many comments from LG smartphone owners who have reported similar activity.

Why LG IMS keeps on Stopping

The ‘LG IMS app’ is a system framework that LG smartphones include. It allows users to make calls, send and receive text messages over 4G LTE networks and 5G networks. It’s essential for daily use. LG IMS should run smoothly in the background, but this bug with LG IMS prevents that from happening. According to user complaints, LG phones keep getting an error message that says “LG IMS has stopped.” The pop-up is dispelled by tapping ‘Close app’, but it reappears every few seconds. This renders affected LG phones inoperable. This issue seems to be restricted to LG phones on T-Mobile or Metro by T-Mobile. LG phones on other carriers seem unaffected.

There is good news. According to a tweet from T-Mobile Help, “LG is working quickly to resolve this problem.” Although it’s not clear when this resolution will be available, LG is aware of the situation and actively working on a solution.

Some users have reported a temporary fix that temporarily stops the LG IMS error popping up. Turn on Airplane Mode in the Settings app or Quick Settings panel of your LG phone. Once enabled, go to the Settings app, tap ‘Apps & Notifications,’ tap ‘App info,’ tap the three dots in the top right corner, tap ‘Show system,’ and tap ‘com.lge.ims.rcsprovider.’ Next, tap Clear cache’, ‘Clear store’, and ‘Force Stop’ in the exact same order. It may take a few tries to get the last three buttons to work but it should stop the ‘LGIMS keep stopping’ message. LG will then roll out a permanent fix.