Lenovo Glasses T1 Puts Your PCs Screen around Your Face

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Smart glasses are nothing subsidiary, but they are yet too costly or impractical for most people to use. Lenovos association glasses might be interchange whenever they become simple to attain.

The Lenovo Glasses T1, announced today, aims to be a wearable private display for upon-the-go content consumption. Unlike Google Glass, Microsoft HoloLens, and supplement enlarged-realism headsets, the T1 is just an outdoor display for marginal devices its not a standalone computer. The glasses arent wireless, which means theres no battery to save charged, but there is a cable that runs from the abet of the glasses.

Lenovo Glasses T1

Lenovo says the glasses should fighting subsequent to everything that supports video output on summit of USB Type-C. That includes many of the best laptops, the iPad Air and Pro, and some Android phones and tablets. There will as well as be an optional adapter for use in imitation of iPhones and additional iPads taking into account a Lightning connector.

The glasses have a micro-OLED display, in the at the forefront a unmodified of 1920 x 1080 for each eye and a framerate of 60Hz. That refresh rate would be too slow for virtual truth games, but the T1 is strictly for productivity show and regular gaming think of it as an outside display, but straight in stomach of your eyes otherwise of upon a desk or wall.

Lenovo has already sold insipid sensitive glasses to businesses for corporate use, but the T1 appears to be the companys first glasses for regular buyers. Unfortunately, theres no specific pricing or availability opinion still. The Lenovo Glasses T1 will arrive in China in late 2022, where it will be called the Lenovo Yoga Glasses, and it will arrive to choose add-on markets in 2023.