iPhone 14 Satellite

iPhone 14 Satellite-Based SOS Emergency Feature Uses Qualcomm Modem, Apple Radio Chips: Report

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The satellite connectivity feature of the iPhone 14 series, which will allow users to send SOS messages when there is no cellular network, is supported by the Qualcomm modem and Apple’s new radio chips, according to reports. The plan is set to debut in the US and Canada in November and will be free for the first two years. Recently, it was reported that SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had “promising talks” with Apple about using the Starlink connection for new satellite projects.

iPhone 14 Satellite

iPhone 14 Satellite-Based SOS

Reuters cited a teardown analysis of the iPhone 14 Pro Max lineup by iFixit and a statement from Apple saying that the phones in the series receive a Qualcomm X65 modem chip that, in addition to providing 5G connectivity, can use the band n53 – frequency. band used by Globalstar satellites. Earlier reports said that Apple and Globalstar have partnered on the feature and the latter will get about 95% of the $450 million (roughly Rs. 4,000 crore) revenue.