How To Turn Off 5G On IPhone?

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Although 5G is a new technology with better transmission speed, lower latency, and many more features, you may still want to turn it off for a few reasons. For instance, you may have noticed that your device is draining battery rapidly after switching to a 5G network. Or, you may want to turn it off because your region doesn’t support this feature yet.

Thankfully, Apple has given you a choice to disable it effortlessly in just a couple of steps from your iPhone’s settings. In this guide, you will figure out a simple way to turn off the 5G.

When Should You Turn Off 5G on Your Device?

As previously mentioned, 5G has better speed rates compared to other connectivity technologies. You may still need to turn it off in some cases. Here, we have mentioned some cases where turning off 5G is actually better for your device.

  • Most importantly, turning Off the 5G will help to preserve your device’s battery life.
  • As 5G is a new technology and still not available in all regions. It’s better to turn it off.
  • 4G LTE can still give you better and more reliable connectivity in most cases with very less impact on battery health.
  • Although 5G radios are strong, the range for their network connectivity is still short compared to its predecessor.

How to Turn Off 5G on iPhone?

There’s no specific way to turn off the 5G on the iPhone. However, instead of directly turning it off, most manufacturers have given the option to switch to 4G or 3G connectivity. Likewise, if your iPhone supports 5G, you can only switch to LTE (4G).

Here are a couple of methods to turn off 5G and switch it to other network technology.

Through iPhone’s Settings 

This is the official and only single way to turn off or switch the connectivity from your iPhone. You can switch from 5G to 4G or vice-versa whenever you want. But, ensure your regions/state support the 5G connectivity.

Now, let’s see the steps to reach the connectivity settings.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Cellular.
  3. Tap on Cellular Data Options.
  4. Click on Voice and Data.
  5. Select LTE. (When you Select LTE, your iPhone will function as a 4G LTE connectivity).
  6. Tap Back to go to the Cellular Data Options.
  7. Then, Click on Data Mode and Select Standard or Low Data Mode to save the data usage.

Contact Network Carrier

Besides turning off 5G from your iPhone’s settings, another possible thing you can do is turn your SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) from 5G to 4G. However, this might not be valid completely. But you can contact your Network Carrier whether it’s possible or not. They will definitely give you a better suggestion for it. If it’s impossible, you can simply stick to the above method to disable the 5G feature on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All iPhone Models 5G Compatible? 

You might be using an iPhone, but that doesn’t mean all the models support 5G connectivity. Apple launched the first 5G device in 2020. So, the 5G compatible iPhones are iPhone SE (3rd Generation), iPhone 12 Series, and iPhone 13 Series, and later versions support this connectivity.

Check your device Model Name and find out whether your device is 5G ready or not. Follow the below steps to find out your iPhone’s Model Name.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Tap on About. Then you will see the Model Name.

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