Apple Music Replay 2020: Here’s How To Get Your Most-played Songs Of The Year

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Apple Music Replay 2020 – It’s the finish of the season and tech platforms are beginning to roll out their annual recap lists. For some music streaming services, this implies revealing what are the top artists, albums, and songs were to the year—like Spotify’s Wrapped roundup does.


Spotify’s major competitor, Apple Music, needs a slightly more personalized approach. Its Replay feature is definitely an auto-generated playlist which has your own personal most-listened-to songs of year.

Technically, the Apple Music Replay feature can be acquired throughout the year. But people start searching for it at the end of the season for apparent reasons. And if you’re looking over this, you obviously would like to know how to access your Apple Music Replay 2020 roundup yourself. So here’s how:

  • Go for the Apple Music web player at apple.Co/Replay.
  • Log together with your Apple ID credentials.
  • Below the ’20 Replay logo, go through the “Get Your Replay Mix” button.
  • A playlist will show up that’s called “Replay 2020.” Click it to listen to every one of the tunes you’ve listened to most during the year.

A nice touch is Apple Music Replay 2020 also reveals the amount of hours of music you might have streamed on Apple Music in the entire year, too. Once your Replay 2020 list is generated, you are able to participate in it right in your web browser. Alternately, you are able to go through the button around the left to open up it within the Music app on the Mac or iOS device.

One final tip: To see your previous years’ Replay playlists, open the Music app on your device, go on the “Listen Now” section, and scroll down until you understand the “Replay: Your Top Songs By Year” subsection. There you’ll not merely find your 2020 Replay, but all past years’ Replays also.